Sponsorships: How To Decide If They’re Worth Your Investment

A quick quiz. Think of your own favorite sport — the one you try to watch most often. How many sponsors of that sport can you name? Now, for each sponsor you can remember, ask yourself these questions: Apart from the fact that they sponsor this sport, what else do you know about them? Has the… Read More »

I’d love your opinion on this …

Just a quick question: what’s your #1 single biggest marketing challenge right now? I’m developing some new reports and courses and I’d love to know the most important marketing issue you’re facing — I’d like to make my new content as relevant and as useful as possible. Comment here or if you prefer email me… Read More »

The Sky/Vodafone Merger

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the news, here are the specifics: Earlier this month, Sky Network TV announced its plan to buy Vodafone New Zealand for $3.44 billion in cash and shares in a reverse takeover which would see Vodafone’s British parent group own 51 per cent of the combined group’s shares.… Read More »

Marketing Insights publication – Free Download

Marketing Insights is a new publication collecting advice and opinion from leading NZ marketing professionals, supplemented by information drawn from elsewhere and interpreted from a Kiwi business perspective. This is a content marketing project, featuring sponsored contributions covering key topics that will have a continuing impact on NZ marketers, today and tomorrow. Our content ranges… Read More »

Get Noticed by Prospective Clients

87% of B2B buyers now conduct their own research BEFORE they make any contact with potential suppliers. What sorts of research? Prospects gather information about your product or service category, read white papers, watch slide presentations and videos and read reviews. All the while, they’re deciding exactly what product or service they need – and, through their… Read More »

Are you one of NZ’s marketing Thought Leaders?

An Invitation to New Zealand’s Leading Marketers Join us in this sponsored thought leadership project, featuring insights from many of NZ’s leading marketers and communications professionals. It’s an opportunity to reinforce your position as a thought-leader in your category. MARKETING INSIGHTS from New Zealand’s Leading Marketers As the title suggests, MARKETING INSIGHTS is a new… Read More »

Are You Using Periscope Yet?

Twitter’s streaming video mobile app Periscope is old tech now — it launched all the way back in March 2015, which in Internet years is about a century ago — but there may be a few out there who don’t know much about it, so let’s drill a little deeper. Here’s a useful overview/demo: Periscope… Read More »