Monthly Archives: September 2006

Building a Better Mousetrap

Twelve months ago the World Federation of Advertising – whose members collectively represent 700 billion dollars of advertising clout – offered a challenge: the Blueprint for Consumer Centric Holistic Measurement. Say what? Translated into realspeak, the WFA have called for a single source model with a single consumer-centric measurement tool which can be applied across… Read More »

The Newspaper Under Attack

A US report released last Friday by Merrill Lynch spells out some compelling reasons for newspapers to reinvent themselves online. The paper, with the prejudicial title “Deep Depressing Dive”, suggests that Merrill Lynch analysts are taking an “increasingly sober” outlook for the newspaper industry, lowering estimates once again for newspaper ad spending. “We remain concerned… Read More »

Private Label Research

New U.S. private label research from ACNielsen, Daymon Worldwide, DemandTec and McKinsey, released earlier this month, aimed to demonstrate how retailers can build profitable customer loyalty and competitive differentiation though private label brands. Key insights (from the portion of the study developed by ACNielsen): Retailers with greater focus on private label (i.e., those with higher… Read More »