Monthly Archives: August 2007

They’re Talking About You

They’re Talking About You A massive 80 per cent of people who use social networks have either chattedabout, commented on or reviewed a brand or product on an online forum or social network. That’s one of the key (and most alarming) findings of the 2007 Social Media for Brands Report, conducted amongst 698 UK adults… Read More »

Reaching the Influencers

As the world spins ever faster, it’s proving ever more difficult to grab the attention of those we might wish to reach. It’s tough enough to get through the protective barrier surrounding consumers – connecting with influencers is far harder. The medical profession are amongst the most elusive. Findings presented at April’s ‘Online Marketing and… Read More »

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

So Rupert just bought himself the Wall Street Journal? Millions do that every day. Of course, they don’t usually pay five billion dollars for their copies. In a departure from Mr Murdoch’s recent strategy of adding digital expertise through acquisitions such as MySpace (pricetag a mere $580 million), the media mogul is instead paying nine… Read More »

Omega Rules and Delta Moments

Why do consumers buy the same brand of coffee and mayonnaise over and over again, but will often purchase different brands of cold cereal and chocolates? It’s hardly happenstance, according to a recent US study by The Nielsen Company. Nielsen’s study of shopper behaviour shows that consumers exhibit distinct shopping modes at the supermarket that… Read More »