Monthly Archives: June 2008

A Tight Squeeze

In 1999, the world’s population hit six billion. Made for a bit of a crowded globe, but we could manage – just had to take turns breathing in and out, not all jump up and down at once, try not to tip the planet over by all leaning to our right at the same time. Easy really.… Read More »

MySky HDi Media Launch

The new MySky HDi service had its official press send-off this morning, ahead of the 1 July launch for the new service. We’ll be covering it in more detail in this month’s Marketing Manifesto enewsletter (subscribe for free by clicking here), but here’s what you need to know: The MySky HDi is a Personal Video Recorder (PVR), just like… Read More »

Local is It

Local Searchers, people who seek products, services and information online for specific locations, are proving to be a big boon for shoppers and — potentially — for marketers. A large US study from comScore Networks commissioned byTMP Directional Marketing reveals the following facts concerning consumerbehaviour and attitudes while searching: · 82% of Local Searchers follow… Read More »

Makeover & New Publishing Day for The Independent

In the headlines this week: Fairfax Business weekly The Independent moves to Thursday, drops its longwinded and never-really-adopted title “The Independent Financial Review” and gets a visual makeover and a collection of new contributors. Jenni McManus is once again contributing to The Independent’s editorial team. Her return to writing for The Independent is part of… Read More »

Cutbacks for NZPA

Another sign of the times: The New Zealand Press Association (NZPA) is proposing to streamline its news gathering operations by “reducing staff and other costs and investing in new technology”. NZPA, 128 years young and owned by the country’s major newspaper publishers, provides news, images and other services to all daily and Sunday newspapers, as well as… Read More »