Monthly Archives: August 2008

On The Stand

Judge David Harvey of the Manukau District Court has attracted surprise, derision, resistance and outright disobedience in response to his ruling earlier this week that the names and images of two men accused of murder must not be reported on the internet but could still feature in traditional media. His Honour is no net neophyte. The learned Judge… Read More »

iTunes NZ Now Selling Movies

Old news in the rest of the world, but iTunes is now offering movies for sale in Aotearoa. As reported on Stuff: The iTunes Stores in Australia and New Zealand feature over 700 films for rent or purchase, with new release titles available for purchase on the same day as their DVD release. Current films… Read More »

Freeview: Catch 22

In today’s “Show Me The Money” blog entry on Stuff, Bernard Hickey takes TVNZ to task for the money it spends creating and narrowcasting TVNZ6, TVNZ7 and SPORTS EXTRA to a favoured few on Freeview. Bernard asks the not unreasonable question “why doesn’t TVNZ, which is spending my money to build these new channels, put… Read More »