Monthly Archives: September 2008

ACP closes weekly Auto Trader magazine

In an unfortunate press release, ACP has just announced the “repositioning” of Auto Trader — repositioning it in the Extinct category: ACP Media’s Trader Group today confirmed changes to the weekly Auto Trader magazine. Adrian Pickstock, General Manager of Trader Group, said, “Seven years ago, after studying international trends, we recognised the needs of our… Read More »

Finally!! TVNZ and Disney Offer US TV Series Online

Finally! Finally! Finally! Disney-ABC International Television (Asia Pacific), and TVNZ, have announced a landmark agreement to make a selection of ad-supported U.S. network series available on TVNZ’s catch up TV service, ‘TVNZ ondemand’. These series will be available to viewers on-demand and free of charge just 12 hours after the local telecast on TV2. This… Read More »

What consumers really buy

Jay Conrad Levinson, author of a whole host of Guerilla Marketing books, reveals that consumers really buy … Benefits and not features. Promises you make – so make them with care. The promises they want personally fulfilled. Your credibility – or don’t buy if you ain’t got it. Solutions to their problems. You, your employees,… Read More »