Monthly Archives: April 2009

What Makes A Hot Viral Video?

What does it take to make a hot viral video — and what sorts of viewership numbers can you expect to gather if you succeed? Ad Age Digital has just begun to publish a list of the week’s Top Ten Viral Videos, powered by data compiled by Visible Measures. For the week commencing 30 March… Read More »

Mobile Internet Usage Trends

At the end of last month Openwave Systems published a report highlighting key mobile internet usage trends in North America, based on findings derived from its Openwave Mobile Analytics product. Key themes that Mobile Analytics uncovered included upticks in social networking site usage suggestive of a new preferred method of communication with the potential to… Read More »

New Radio Station for Christchurch

Christchurch’s “first new commercial radio station for 18 years” is set to launch this Saturday, April 18. The new station, Pulzar FM, actually began life in 1999 as a low power dance music radio station broadcasting to the inner city. Now the station, currently staffed by volunteers and owned by three Christchurch DJs , is… Read More »

Nanny State Backs Off

The review of broadcasting, internet and telecommunications regulation ordered by the previous Government has been canned. The National-led Government has concluded that the current market “appears workably competitive” and there is no need for new regulation. There have been a few murmurings of discontent about this outcome, particularly from those of the same philosophical bent… Read More »

Following FTC eCommerce Guidelines

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)—the US consumer protection agency —offers consumers a number of useful eCommerce guidelines that should also guide organisations looking to offer eCommerce. The FTC recommends: Know who you’re dealing with. Confirm the online seller’s physical address and phone number so you can contact them if you have questions or problems. If… Read More »

European Internet Usage Set To Top TV

In its just-released research study EUROPE LOGS ON – European Internet Trends of Today and Tomorrow (April 2009), Microsoft projects that “based on current growth trends, Internet consumption will outstrip traditional TV in June 2010, averaging 14.2 hours per week against 11.5 hours for TV”. Yes, that’s just June next year, just over twelve months… Read More »

TV Ads That Know Where You Live

Addressable TV Advertising, a long-sought dream of television marketers, is about to become reality. AdAge is reporting that Canoe, the [poorly-named] technology consortium backed by the six largest cable media companies in the US, will launch the television industry’s first national addressable advertising system next month. What is Addressable TV advertising and why should it concern us?… Read More »

Media Snippets

ACP TAKES OVER TOP GEAR BBC Magazines recently appointed ACP Magazines as the new publisher of Top Gear New Zealand. The first issue published by ACP will be May 2009, on sale Monday 27 April, 2009. TRIANGLE TELEVISION WELLINGTON CLOSES Triangle Television has closed down its Wellington community channel. The broadcaster continues to operate Triangle… Read More »

Faster Times at TravelBug

Score one for website usability. Today TravelBug (Trade Me’s accommodation booking service) removed the login option in order to speed up their accommodation booking process. As a result of this, the areas of Travelbug that required a login (Favourites, My Bookings and My Details) are no longer accessible.