Monthly Archives: July 2009

NZ Herald Goes Window-Shopping

The New Zealand Herald has developed a new product that it’s been pitching to advertisers over the past week or so (but which will only proceed if there’s sufficient interest/dollars). The new title is called the NZ SHOPPING GUIDE and it’s a magazine-sized, advertising-only, letterbox-distributed publication in the finest tradition of BEST BUYS and other… Read More »

NBR Battles Against The Tide

The National Business Review (NBR), well used to looking at a variety of business models, is now trying out a new one of its own: a new paid online Subscriber Only Content service to augment its regular news service. NBR will be offering an introductory subscription rate for access to this exclusive content for $89… Read More »

Commandments of Consumer Generated Advertising

There’s something really appealing about the notion of getting consumers to create their own ads about your products. For one thing, you’re not spending any money on production; and the consumer is (at least theoretically) truly engaging with your brand.There are a few potential problems with the approach, however, as GM found when they invited… Read More »

Sub-Editors, Journalists and the Margin of Error

Alas,  we are again obliged to mourn the state of journalism in NewZild. You may have seen the headline adorning a high profile story in last Saturday’s Weekend Herald: “Whittaker’s comes cropper in choc taste test” The story, credited to reporter Beck Vass, duly announced that “A war of the chocolate companies has erupted with… Read More »

The Internet is getting Heavier

According to Nielsen Media Research, Kiwis are spending more time on the internet. In 2006, New Zealanders 10+ spent an average of 287 minutes a week (4 hours 47 minutes) online at home. By 2007 that average had increased to 347 minutes; and in 2008 Kiwis were spending 364 minutes (6 hours 4 minutes) per… Read More »