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Google Wave invitation FREE with subscription — plus iPhone app news

Yay! We just received our invitation to Google Wave and have (of course) activated it. HOT OFFER! We now have 20 [UPDATED: NOW 16 9 DOWN TO OUR LAST 3! ALL GONE, SORRY] Google Wave nominations to share, so we’ll invite (FREE) that number of new subscribers to our Marketing Rag newsletter. If you want… Read More »

Economic Recovery: Are We There Yet?

“Media owners have provided a great deal of additional value during the past six to nine months but we’re now entering a more ‘normalised’ environment. So trading will have to return to contracted levels.” TVNZ Head of Sales Dave Walker, quoted in Planit (14 October 2009) MediaWorks CEO Brent Impey was similarly bullish at the… Read More »

Google Android: Another giant leap for the G-Men?

Being only slightly tech-obsessed (though our wives might agree to differ), we haven’t paid too much attention so far to Google’s Android mobile phone offering. To be honest, we hadn’t even felt compelled to invest in the ubiquitous iPhone. Our excuse: a stated preference for style over substance. Actually, we probably weren’t cool enough. Anyway… Read More »

Online Video: Instant Marketing Success or Fast Failure?

Global ad agency giant Universal McCann recently described online video as this year’s digital darling. That’s all very well, but that doesn’t make online video easy. Jerry Bader of MRPwebmedia hit the nail on the head a few months back when he posed the question on LinkedIn: “Web video is quickly becoming the must-have content… Read More »

#Thisisit: Michael Jackson the brand, only for a limited time

We hardly need to tell you that “This Is It” The Michael Jackson Movie launched last night with simultaneous premieres in 16 cities across the globe, but only for a two-week season. Sony Pictures reportedly paid $60 million for the rights, and they’ve played every Ace in the Movie Marketing deck to ensure that they… Read More »

“The Five Questions That Kill Marketing Careers” – Pat LaPointe

Pat LaPointe, Managing Partner at MarketingNPV, provides chilling insights into how to deep-six your career in the latest Online Metrics Insider. According to Pat, these are the five key questions that have been known to pop up in discussion with CEOs/CFOs, often short-circuiting otherwise brilliant marketing careers. What are the specific goals for our marketing… Read More »

Deloitte Shock Horror Statistics: $35 Million In Radio Airtime Wasted

Deloitte was quoted last week by South Africa’s as reporting that “an average of 9% of all radio ads booked [on South African radio] are not broadcast as scheduled. Based on an estimated spend of R3 billion on radio advertising in 2008, this error equates to R270 million [USD $35.6 million] erosion of ad… Read More »

Vevo – what it really means for the music industry

Like music videos? Quite a few people do. Music videos and music-related content are easily YouTube’s most-popular single genre. TubeMogul did the numbers and concluded that the top five music labels alone control 64.52% of all of the views of YouTube’s top 50, and are the top five publishers of all time. Source:TubeMogul Now a… Read More »

Google Wave Invite: Received Yours Yet?

Has geekdom come down to this — that we’re defined (or demeaned) by the presence or absence of an invite to participate in a software release? Thus has it always been with Google. Were you one of The Chosen Ones who received an early GMail invitation? No? Allow us to sneer, from our privileged position… Read More »

Best Job In The World — The Morning After

We mentioned the Tourism Queensland promotion in our earlier article. The campaign continues to make news, although not always for the right reasons. On the positive side, the lucky applicant, Ben Southall was on Oprah last week. On the not-so-bright side, Australia’s Brisbane Times reports on the aftermath: The Best Job in the World marketing… Read More »