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Top 5 Radio AdSpend Categories September 2009

Month on month comparison of reported radio advertising expenditure August/September 2009 (August positions noted in brackets). Leisure, Entertainment (no change from previous month) Retail (up from 3) Government Departments, Services & Community (down from 2) Investment, Finance, Banking (up from 7) Foodstuffs (no change)


The Dominion Post is today reporting that Kiwis may be able to access Television New Zealand’s Ondemand online TV service through the PlayStation 3 from early next year. TVNZ has confirmed that the broadcaster would make an announcement about an “exciting partnership” with PS3 manufacturer Sony in the new year, but did not elaborate. The… Read More »

Over The Moon

We would be derelict in our duty if we failed to mention the record-breaking opening of the latest installment of The Twilight Saga, NEW MOON, which grossed over $2,640,000 in its opening weekend making it the biggest opening of any film in New Zealand history. The previous record holder: The Lord of the Rings: Return… Read More »

Sky Tests Online Streaming

That internet thingy keeps popping up. Sky will again be dipping its toes in the virtual ocean (after conspicuously switching off its Sky Online internet replay service on August 1st). This time, however, Sky will be offering something new: live streaming. Sky has a commitment to stream the Prime Free-To-Air feed of next February’s Winter… Read More »

It’s Not Easy Being Green

We’ve been reporting for some time that consumers have reduced their spending on “green” products because of the tough economic times. They’ve opted to save their families before they save the planet. Now new U.S. research has emerged from GfK Roper Consulting that suggests those conclusions, while still true, are only part of the story.… Read More »

Mobile Internet: The Next Big Thing

Every year at the Web 2.0 Summit, Morgan Stanley Internet analyst Mary Meeker gives her view of the world, the Web, and the technology industry by quickly going through about 50 slides that illustrate the major trends she is tracking. Late last month, Ms Meeker delivered her annual presentation as usual. What has she picked… Read More »

TVNZ Optimistically Raises 2010 Rates

TVNZ unveiled its Q1 2010 ratecard today, with increases across almost all zones. Economic downturn notwithstanding, the pubcaster thinks it can squeeze a few more dollars out of February and March 2010 because of (a) total viewership figures expected to post continuing Year On Year increases; (b) increased demand for leading programmes. Alas, we don’t… Read More »

TVNZ New Season 2010

Yesterday saw the launch of TVNZ’s 2010 New Season. We’ll skip past the hype, of which there was plenty, and the hoopla (ditto), and get down to the business of talking programming. TELEVISION ONE Here’s the representative schedule for Television One for 2010: You can probably recognize the returning series. Here’s a peek at what’s… Read More »