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Microtrends That Matter 2010

Here’s our round-up, in no particular order, of many of the microtrends that will impact on us as the year winds through. What are microtrends? According to Mark Penn and E. Kinney Zalesne, co-authors of the book “Microtrends: The Small Forces Behind Tomorrow’s Big Changes“, they’re the smaller trends that go unnoticed or even ignored.… Read More »

Coming Unwired

It’s been predicted for some years that voice calls would steadily move towards mobile, while fixed lines would become the stuff of data. Now at least the first part of those predictions is becoming reality. According to Joel Rubinson of the US Advertising Research Foundation: The most recent CDC NHIS survey found that 23% of… Read More »

Tweet Me If You Can

Advertising Age last week blew the whistle on JetBlue’s senior VP-marketing and commercial, Marty St. George, who tweeted (via his martysg Twitter account): “We’re pitching our advertising AOR [Agency Of Record]. Curious on digital savvy … first test is how many of the agencies will find me on Twitter. #sneaky” The most interesting part of… Read More »

Social Media: Did You Really Mean To Do That?

In the 2010 Digital Outlook from the Society of Digital Agencies,  Steve Slivka, Co-Founder, Creative Director, and Patrick Berry, Co-Founder, Director of Tools and Methods, Colossal Squid, gave us The Top Ten Reasons Your Company Is Not Ready for Social Media. They’re too good not to repeat here. 10. You want to know everything about… Read More »

Lost: The Final Season

It’s hard to believe we’re entering the sixth season of Lost. Have we really been through five years of metaphysical misdirection already? We asked our online research panel what they thought of the final season of Lost. Here’s the skinny: 8.3% So Hot 3.9% Can’t Wait 3.1% Always on my List 6.9% Just OK 21.7%… Read More »

Shock! Horror! Readership Results

So the latest magazine and newspaper readership and circulation figures are out and most publications’ numbers are down. Quelle surprise! And with a recession on, too — go figure. Let’s put the bloodbath into some sort of context. Based on ABC circulation figures, here’s how our biggest-circulating newspapers fared (Audited Net Circulation to 31 December… Read More »

TiVo and Telecom’s Expectations

As Chris Keall reported in NBR Online on Friday: At Telecom’s quarterly result briefing this morning, Telecom Retail chief executive Alan Gourdie told NBR that sales of TiVo boxes so far have been “modest”. “We set some quite high targets for Christmas that we didn’t achieve,” said Mr Gourdie. The surprise in that report is… Read More »

Will the iPad Reinvent Television?

From the Wall Street Journal: Apple Inc. is [reportedly] in discussions with television networks to lower the price of downloaded TV shows when the company begins selling its new iPad tablet computer. Apple has already been testing a price of 99 cents—half the price of standard-definition TV episodes—for certain shows on its iTunes service and… Read More »