Monthly Archives: March 2010

Down is the new Up

They seem so long ago and far away now, those days when media proprietors were reporting steady growth (typically of revenues, not necessarily readers/listeners/viewers). Now we trumpet “a decline of only 9%” as heartening, at least within the context of the economic tsunami that was 2009. Anyway, that’s the word from Newspaper Publishers Association president… Read More »

All Change in the Movie Business

SkyCity Cinemas changed its owners last month; now Hoyts has acquired the Berkeley Group (with its 21 screens across four cinema complexes in Botany Downs, Mission Bay, Takapuna and Hibiscus Coast). “The Berkeley Cinema Group is a perfect fit for Hoyts. It gives us a greater presence in New Zealand’s largest market and Berkeley’s design and operations… Read More »

Every Eyeball Matters

While some newspapers globally are agonising over the killing fields of the internet and whether paywalls can solve the problem of fiscal death by click, others have joined magazines in a whole new approach to the digital dilemma: add online readers into your total circulation base and charge advertisers for all of them. America’s Audit Bureau… Read More »

Fear, Loathing and Behavioural Targeting

Conspiracy theorists have a grandiose view of marketers, plotting to rule (or at least ruin) the world through complex conspiracies and intricate schemes fashioned in smoke-filled rooms by crazed monopolists. Perhaps they’re right. Perhaps we just don’t know about such plots because we’ve never been invited to join the de-lumminati. At any rate, the search… Read More »

TVNZ finally, finally breaks out of its shackles

There must have been some serious celebrations in the Executive Suite at TVNZ when the pubcaster got the go-ahead from its shareholders (New Zealand Incorporated, AKA The Government) to launch its first pay television channel, Heartland (launching on the Sky platform in June). To put the channel launch into its proper perspective, we need to… Read More »

What Course Next?

Now that the Social Media Marketing eCourse is well underway, we’re making plans for our next course. We have our own views on which topic to tackle next, but we’d love your help in deciding. Yes, we’re looking to tap into the wisdom of the crowd! Please take a few seconds to vote for the… Read More »

Sponsorship Under Threat

12 Billion US Dollars — that’s the estimated loss in value that Tiger Woods’ little dalliance with a tree trunk cost his sponsors, according to a study by two US professors from the University of California. “Our analysis makes clear that while having a celebrity of Tiger Woods’ stature as an endorser has undeniable upside,… Read More »