Monthly Archives: February 2011

Social Media Training — Early Bird Offer ends Monday

Every day brings new headlines on the latest developments on the Social Media front: Facebook shows it learned nothing from the Beacon fiasco with Sponsored Stories 44% of surveyed members of the American Marketing Association say that Social Media Strategy is their top focus of 2011 YouTube recommendations now powered by your friends on social networks… Read More »

Microtrends 2011

Let’s talk Microtrends. According to Mark Penn and E. Kinney Zalesne, co-authors of the book “Microtrends: The Small Forces Behind Tomorrow’s Big Changes”, they’re the smaller trends that go unnoticed or even ignored. But even if they impact on just one percent of the population, that can be enough to create new markets for a… Read More »

iPublish or Perish?

Twice a year we get bombarded by an orchestrated litany of press releases, all proclaiming that Newspaper X or Magazine Y is better, faster, stronger or somehow more well-endowed than its competitors. Yes, the bi-annual announcement of results from the Nielsen National Readership Survey is cause for unrelenting excitement across the publishing spectrum. Every title… Read More »


The oldest Baby Boomers (those born in 1946) began to turn 65 last month, finally reaching that retirement age milestone — although not necessarily actually retiring, depending on their health, wealth or personal motivations. The average age of this forever young generation, however, is 54 — and they still represent a significant group of consumers,… Read More »

Game Over?

Recently-released data compiled by GfK Retail and Technology reveals that New Zealand’s video and computer games sales declined 7% in 2010 compared with the previous year. Have we really fallen so much out of love with gaming? Perhaps not. The information collected by GfK includes all sales from hardware, gaming peripherals and traditionally boxed software… Read More »