Monthly Archives: May 2011

Why Consumers Buy

The casual observer wandering through our shopping malls — or even just watching an evening’s television or leafing through retail catalogues — would be forgiven for concluding that price is the only thing that consumers care about. “Up to 50% off”, “If you can find a lower price we’ll eat it”, “Save! Save! Save!” The… Read More »

Unintended Consequences

Workloads at the IPAPs are about to blow out come September, if the results of a recent research study by Flicks and Ant Timpson are to be believed. What on earth are we talking about? Perhaps a little explanation is in order. You’re probably at least peripherally aware of the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment… Read More »


We’ve come a long way from the days when articles carefully clipped from the newspaper representing the state of the art in media monitoring. Even back then, the missing ingredient was interpretation: What do these stories mean? What are the implications for our business? Nowadays, we’re drowning in data but clarification remains fuzzy. Thankfully, there… Read More »

First Click is the Deepest

If you’ve ever worried about the position of your website on organic search engine results (i.e. not paid listings, just those natural results chosen by Google et al), you may be aware that where your site appears amongst the search results has a direct and significant bearing on the numbers of clicks you can expect… Read More »

A Right Royal Do

It was, by all accounts, quite a shindig. William and Kate got themselves successfully hitched while a thousand news anchors chitchatted their way through the proceedings. The numbers were suitably royal as well. We counted eight channels available in New Zealand (at least to Sky-watchers) … if you were a truly-committed monarchist you should have… Read More »


Fairfax and APN have both just released financial updates. The main points: Fairfax Media revenues for the second half of the July 2010-June 2011 financial year (measured on an as reported basis) are currently 4.5% lower than last year While the rate of decline in advertising levels has abated slightly over the past month, Fairfax… Read More »

Another Day, Another Twitter Coup

The other big news story of the week (no, nothing to do with Rodney and Dr Don or any local politics) was of course the death of America’s Most Wanted Terrorist. It seems that social media was responsible — if not for the actual attack, then for its live tweeting across the cybersphere. Sohaib Athar… Read More »