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Cargo Cult?

Is our government’s commitment to fibre to the home and high speed broadband little more than a ‘cargo cult’? That’s the question that’s being posed by the Motu Institute at University of Waikato and the Institute for the Study of Competition and Regulation at Victoria University. As reported by Commsday: Building on a 2009 study… Read More »

Sponsorship Under Threat

12 Billion US Dollars — that’s the estimated loss in value that Tiger Woods’ little dalliance with a tree trunk cost his sponsors, according to a study by two US professors from the University of California. “Our analysis makes clear that while having a celebrity of Tiger Woods’ stature as an endorser has undeniable upside,… Read More »

Microtrends That Matter 2010

Here’s our round-up, in no particular order, of many of the microtrends that will impact on us as the year winds through. What are microtrends? According to Mark Penn and E. Kinney Zalesne, co-authors of the book “Microtrends: The Small Forces Behind Tomorrow’s Big Changes“, they’re the smaller trends that go unnoticed or even ignored.… Read More »

Tweet Me If You Can

Advertising Age last week blew the whistle on JetBlue’s senior VP-marketing and commercial, Marty St. George, who tweeted (via his martysg Twitter account): “We’re pitching our advertising AOR [Agency Of Record]. Curious on digital savvy … first test is how many of the agencies will find me on Twitter. #sneaky” The most interesting part of… Read More »

Must See TV?

The new television season is upon us and (apparently) there’s never been a better time to camp out in front of the telly and prepare to be dazzled, stunned, blown away or simply have your life transformed. The reality may be a little more prosaic. But what’s especially new, different and paradigm-shifting about this new… Read More »

FMCG Giant To Sell Stuff Direct Online

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that consumer products giant Procter & Gamble Co. is about to launch an online store that will sell key brands such as Tide (laundry powder), Pampers and Olay, aiming to study consumer buying habits as it counters moves by traditional retailers, which have reduced the variety of brands they… Read More »