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The Digital Olympics

London 2012 — it’s been dubbed the Digital Olympics, in part because (according to 101 Media): viewers can follow the events through their choice of device. According to survey results released in July by 46 percent of viewers will watch on laptops, 39 percent on desktops, 31 percent on tablets, and 27 percent on… Read More »

The Long Tail of New Zealand Facebook Pages

As we mentioned in one of our January newsletters, we’ve been steadily crunching our way through thousands of New Zealand Facebook pages (6,251 of them at last count) in our efforts to map the Kiwi social sphere. We’ll be turning our efforts into a Social Trends Report which will be on offer in due course,… Read More »

The New U.S. TV Season

It’s that time of year when the American networks unveil their new shows for the upcoming season (usually starting in September). Because you’re worth it, we’ve agonisingly worked our way through the various network schedules and identified the hits and misses that are likely to be hitting our screens in due course. Here’s a sneak… Read More »