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“The Five Questions That Kill Marketing Careers” – Pat LaPointe

Pat LaPointe, Managing Partner at MarketingNPV, provides chilling insights into how to deep-six your career in the latest Online Metrics Insider. According to Pat, these are the five key questions that have been known to pop up in discussion with CEOs/CFOs, often short-circuiting otherwise brilliant marketing careers. What are the specific goals for our marketing… Read More »

Deloitte Shock Horror Statistics: $35 Million In Radio Airtime Wasted

Deloitte was quoted last week by South Africa’s as reporting that “an average of 9% of all radio ads booked [on South African radio] are not broadcast as scheduled. Based on an estimated spend of R3 billion on radio advertising in 2008, this error equates to R270 million [USD $35.6 million] erosion of ad… Read More »

Marketing In The Era of Accountability

In 1980, the UK’s esteemed Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) launched the IPA Effectiveness Awards, whose purpose was to achieve: A better understanding of the crucial role advertising plays in marketing; Closer analysis of advertising effectiveness and improved methods of evaluation; A clear demonstration that advertising can be proven to work, against measurable criteria.… Read More »