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Sponsorships: How To Decide If They’re Worth Your Investment

A quick quiz. Think of your own favorite sport — the one you try to watch most often. How many sponsors of that sport can you name? Now, for each sponsor you can remember, ask yourself these questions: Apart from the fact that they sponsor this sport, what else do you know about them? Has the… Read More »

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Sooner or later, your business will go Green. You can either take the necessary steps now, be the first on your category/sector to develop a sustainable, recyclable, carbon-constrained, fair trade business model and get all the accolades and first mover advantages – or wait until you’re forced to change, by a mix of activism, consumer opinion,… Read More »

Email Best Practice

The most effective times to send email marketing messages are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, just before lunch, but it can also be very effective and profitable to email offers for items that shoppers abandoned in shopping carts, Pinny Gniwisch, vice president of, said at the eTail 2005 conference last week. Consumers tend to be most receptive to email on… Read More »