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TV2 Illiteration

TV2’s latest brainwave, using “texty” abbreviations such as TON, NXT, LTR and TMW (= tonight, next, later, tomorrow) in onscreen captions, has led to a backlash (including a 6000-member ‘I hate TV2’s new abbreviations’ Facebook group). TV2 has now done a u-turn and will bring back the lost vowels. As Stuff Blogger Moata Tamaira noted… Read More »

Brand Avoidance Kiwi-Style

Today’s NZ Herald reports on “Brands we love to hate: an exploration of brand avoidance” — the outcome of a doctoral thesis by Auckland University marketing lecturer Dr Mike Lee. We recommend some caution when interpreting the results, which the story observes is based on interviews with just 23 respondents. Still, there are some interesting conclusions,… Read More »

Latest BrandZ Top 100 Ranking

The third annual BrandZ™ Ranking was announced earlier this week. BrandZ, produced by global market research and consulting firm Millward Brown Optimor, identifies the world’s most powerful brands as measured by dollar value. The combined value of all brands in the BrandZ Top 100 increased by 21% from US$1.6 trillion in 2007 to $1.94 trillion in 2008,… Read More »