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Why Consumers Buy

The casual observer wandering through our shopping malls — or even just watching an evening’s television or leafing through retail catalogues — would be forgiven for concluding that price is the only thing that consumers care about. “Up to 50% off”, “If you can find a lower price we’ll eat it”, “Save! Save! Save!” The… Read More »

Are You Overlooking the Oldies?

Much of today’s marketing is aimed at the younger end of the population. Popular trading demographics include 20-39s, 20-44s 18-39s or 18-49s. If your target audience is really skewing older, you’ll daringly opt for those aged 25-54. Talk about covering all the bases. However, as Nielsen USA has just reminded us, older folk not only… Read More »

Christmas 2009: The Grinch Is In Season

Those green shoots that some optimistic observers were reporting? Seems they weren’t the tips of Christmas trees. If you were hoping for festive largesse from your friends, co-workers or customers, sorry, not this holiday season. And if you’re in the gift-selling business, times are still going to be tight. The latest Holiday Forecast Consumer Behavior… Read More »

Why Consumers Use Social Media

Pity the poor marketer, nose pressed against the virtual glass, peering inside the Social Media toyshop. “Why won’t they let me in to play?” he wonders. TMW, a British integrated marketing agency, wondered the same thing. As TMW’s Darran Snatchfold noted in an interview with Brand Republic: The failure of a sizeable chunk of campaigns to… Read More »

Quick Stats On Customer Reviews

76% of US shoppers place more trust in brands that offer customer ratings and reviews (Bazaarvoice 2007). Forrester Research says (2008) 71 percent of online shoppers seek out product reviews written by other customers before they buy. Google’s retail industry director John McAteer says (2009) that the volume of reviews is crucial for increasing conversions, with 20… Read More »

The Cult of The Consumer

A typical city in ancient Greece had a large open area (the agora) where local merchants could set up displays and sell their products. Merchants of similar goods had shops together in a specific area in the agora, not unlike today’s shopping districts in major cities around the world. As you might imagine, such clustering,… Read More »

What consumers really buy

Jay Conrad Levinson, author of a whole host of Guerilla Marketing books, reveals that consumers really buy … Benefits and not features. Promises you make – so make them with care. The promises they want personally fulfilled. Your credibility – or don’t buy if you ain’t got it. Solutions to their problems. You, your employees,… Read More »

It’s the Customer, Stupid

You know, and we know, that none of us can stay in business without customers. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, can’t live without ‘em. Unless your business is really, really small – and wants to stay that way – you’ll have to figure out some way of winning and retaining customers. Thanks to the wonders… Read More »

Omega Rules and Delta Moments

Why do consumers buy the same brand of coffee and mayonnaise over and over again, but will often purchase different brands of cold cereal and chocolates? It’s hardly happenstance, according to a recent US study by The Nielsen Company. Nielsen’s study of shopper behaviour shows that consumers exhibit distinct shopping modes at the supermarket that… Read More »

Senior Moments

From the San Diego Transcript – but totally relevant everywhere: At 55, San Diego architect James Robbins isn’t thinking about retiring anytime soon, but he recently made a lifestyle change with those golden years in mind. He sold his home in an outlying suburb and purchased a two-bedroom, two-bath condominium in a luxury high-rise development… Read More »