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Google Search Goes Real-Time

Oh boy. Talk about instant gratification – and the potential for instant chaos! In response to the real-time appeal of Twitter and Facebook (‘when we think of something, we just blurt it out to our friends without worrying whether it’s good or bad’), this Monday Google began incorporating real-time search into its results. Now, when… Read More »

New: Promoting Your Videos on YouTube

Last week YouTube introduced a new service in New Zealand, enabling Kiwi advertisers to promote their videos. The offering is very similar to the AdWords model – advertisers bid on keywords and their videos are displayed at the top and on the right of natural search results. The new service – which has been available… Read More »

Sales Up, Revenues Down

You may have heard of Cyber Monday, the peculiarly American phenomenon that occurs on the Monday after their end-of-November Thanksgiving holiday (in other words, Monday of this week). Cyber Monday is typically the day on which US ecommerce operators hope to cash in on the same shopping frenzy that sees bricks and mortar retailers swamped… Read More »