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NZ Facebook Marketing: June 2015 Update

There’s been a lot of talk — and, frankly, a fair amount of doom and gloom — about marketing on Facebook in 2015. The most significant development in that sphere came from Facebook itself, which announced late last year that from January 2015 self-promotional posts on Facebook pages would no longer be shown to Facebook… Read More »

Facebook launches Social Search Engine

In the finest “keep them guessing” tradition of the late Steve Jobs, Facebook had the tech journalist community buzzing over a mystery press conference scheduled for this morning. Speculation was rife: would the social giant launch a new mobile phone, perhaps, or had it acquired another key player in its ongoing battle for digital supremacy?… Read More »

New Course: Advanced Social Media Marketing

Because Social Media never stands still, we’ve developed a brand new course that has as its focus the very latest developments in the medium. This course is designed for those who already have a solid understanding of Social Media Marketing and wish to keep themselves as up-to-date as possible. The course content is reviewed monthly… Read More »

The Long Tail of New Zealand Facebook Pages

As we mentioned in one of our January newsletters, we’ve been steadily crunching our way through thousands of New Zealand Facebook pages (6,251 of them at last count) in our efforts to map the Kiwi social sphere. We’ll be turning our efforts into a Social Trends Report which will be on offer in due course,… Read More »

Socialising Healthcare (in a media sort of way)

Healthcare marketers (especially in the US, but here as well) have struggled to adapt to new generation online marketing tools such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs and websites, in the absence of regulatory guidelines for marketing in the new media space. Exactly how do you provide the usual slab of “prescribing information” (often hundreds of words… Read More »