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The TiVo Roadshow Rolls Through

Last week saw the first official presentations on the upcoming TiVo offerings, with Australasian CEO Robbee Minicola and NZ Launch Manager Steve Browning unveiling some of the detail around the forthcoming service. Although TiVo won’t start operating in New Zealand until Christmas this year (actual launch date not yet specified, but we’re picking early November… Read More »

Freeview: Catch 22

In today’s “Show Me The Money” blog entry on Stuff, Bernard Hickey takes TVNZ to task for the money it spends creating and narrowcasting TVNZ6, TVNZ7 and SPORTS EXTRA to a favoured few on Freeview. Bernard asks the not unreasonable question “why doesn’t TVNZ, which is spending my money to build these new channels, put… Read More »