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Newsflash: Google Search just went Social

Hot off the press TODAY from Mashable: Google Merges Search and Google+ Into Social Media Juggernaut As Google Fellow Amit Singhal noted on the Official Google Blog: “We’re transforming Google into a search engine that understands not only content, but also people and relationships.” This is one of those paradigm shifts that takes us into territory where no… Read More »

The Evolution of Search

Check out the video below, which gives an interesting overview of Google Search — where it’s been and where it’s going. A notable absence: social search, which is the most significant new development in search today.

Google launches Google+ Pages for Business

Finally, Google+ has launched Google+ Pages for Business. To bring you up to speed with this new offering, we’ve just launched our newest ecourse, Marketing Through Google+. Click here for details. Oh, and check out this video to whet your appetite for the new service:

First Click is the Deepest

If you’ve ever worried about the position of your website on organic search engine results (i.e. not paid listings, just those natural results chosen by Google et al), you may be aware that where your site appears amongst the search results has a direct and significant bearing on the numbers of clicks you can expect… Read More »

Christmas In AdWordia

Keen to get some last-minute Christmas traffic heading to your website? Perhaps the answer lies in judicious use of advertising tools such as Google AdWords. We scanned the seasonal horizon to see if we could pick up some last-minute tips from the Jolly Red Guy. He was a little busy, but we came across some… Read More »

Google Wave invitation FREE with subscription — plus iPhone app news

Yay! We just received our invitation to Google Wave and have (of course) activated it. HOT OFFER! We now have 20 [UPDATED: NOW 16 9 DOWN TO OUR LAST 3! ALL GONE, SORRY] Google Wave nominations to share, so we’ll invite (FREE) that number of new subscribers to our Marketing Rag newsletter. If you want… Read More »

Google Android: Another giant leap for the G-Men?

Being only slightly tech-obsessed (though our wives might agree to differ), we haven’t paid too much attention so far to Google’s Android mobile phone offering. To be honest, we hadn’t even felt compelled to invest in the ubiquitous iPhone. Our excuse: a stated preference for style over substance. Actually, we probably weren’t cool enough. Anyway… Read More »