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NZ Internet Usage 2013

The biannual World Internet Project (WIP) has just released its 2013 report for New Zealand (conducted in July-September 2013). 2,006 respondents were interviewed, by phone and Internet, and the results compiled and published by the Institute of Culture, Discourse & Communication, AUT University. The researchers have dug deeper than ever with this year’s data, and… Read More »

Unintended Consequences

Workloads at the IPAPs are about to blow out come September, if the results of a recent research study by Flicks and Ant Timpson are to be believed. What on earth are we talking about? Perhaps a little explanation is in order. You’re probably at least peripherally aware of the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment… Read More »

Innocent Until Tweeted Guilty

The NZ Crown Law Office is conducting a review of internet publication, in an attempt to evaluate whether the Web 2.0 curse (anybody can and does comment on anything) means that traditional legal conventions such as suppression orders, presumption of innocence and the like can no longer be enforced. You may recall the outcry in… Read More »

The Internet is getting Heavier

According to Nielsen Media Research, Kiwis are spending more time on the internet. In 2006, New Zealanders 10+ spent an average of 287 minutes a week (4 hours 47 minutes) online at home. By 2007 that average had increased to 347 minutes; and in 2008 Kiwis were spending 364 minutes (6 hours 4 minutes) per… Read More »

On The Stand

Judge David Harvey of the Manukau District Court has attracted surprise, derision, resistance and outright disobedience in response to his ruling earlier this week that the names and images of two men accused of murder must not be reported on the internet but could still feature in traditional media. His Honour is no net neophyte. The learned Judge… Read More »