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Marketing Ideas We’re Glad Weren’t Ours #2: Windows 7 House Parties

House parties have been around for a l-o-n-g time.  And obviously they’ve worked. Without them, Tupperware would be just another piece of plastic in the bargain bins. But, like any marketing tool, you’ve got to ensure that the medium matches the message. Selling lingerie via house party works because: it seems slightly naughty (and intimate),… Read More »

Marketing Ideas We’re Glad Weren’t Ours #1: Charmin “Enjoy The Go”

Oh dear. They’re serious. From the Press Release issued on behalf of Jacques Hagopian, Brand Manager for Charmin Toilet Paper: America’s favorite toilet paper launches $10,000 national job search to find 5 people who really “enjoy the go”. Charmin is looking for five outgoing and enthusiastic people to work this holiday season in New York… Read More »