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Consumer Protection Redux

It’s not generally well-known, but transactions on Trade Me are sometimes protected by the Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA) — but mostly not. Regulators hate anomalies so the CGA has been going through a review process (of this and other necessary updates to the act) which is likely to lead to a makeover. The CGA generally… Read More »

Innocent Until Tweeted Guilty

The NZ Crown Law Office is conducting a review of internet publication, in an attempt to evaluate whether the Web 2.0 curse (anybody can and does comment on anything) means that traditional legal conventions such as suppression orders, presumption of innocence and the like can no longer be enforced. You may recall the outcry in… Read More »

On The Stand

Judge David Harvey of the Manukau District Court has attracted surprise, derision, resistance and outright disobedience in response to his ruling earlier this week that the names and images of two men accused of murder must not be reported on the internet but could still feature in traditional media. His Honour is no net neophyte. The learned Judge… Read More »