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Every Eyeball Matters

While some newspapers globally are agonising over the killing fields of the internet and whether paywalls can solve the problem of fiscal death by click, others have joined magazines in a whole new approach to the digital dilemma: add online readers into your total circulation base and charge advertisers for all of them. America’s Audit Bureau… Read More »

Real Groove Channels 1AM

If you’re of a certain age – or, more importantly, of a certain style – you’ll be aware of 1AM. the alternative fashion magazine created by Pavement co-founder Glenn Hunt. 1AM began its life as a print publication but its last four issues have been online only. Now the ninth issue of 1AM will return… Read More »

NBR Archive Now Heading Online

Chris Keall of NBR announced this morning on the NBR 24/7 website that: starting this week, print stories from NBR are being put on [the NBR] website on a one-week delay (and behind the paywall). Formerly, online and print have run completely different content. NBR 24/7 will continue to have the same level of content… Read More »

Dear Mr Murdoch – Talk To Mr Jobs

That little problem that Rupert Murdoch has — the one about the Internet tearing his business plan to shreds? Perhaps he should have a chat to Steve Jobs about selling newspapers through iTunes. Clearly Si Newhouse (publisher of Condé Nast magazines) has been having a word or two with the reality-distortion-meister. Lo and behold, hot… Read More »

Media Snippets

ACP TAKES OVER TOP GEAR BBC Magazines recently appointed ACP Magazines as the new publisher of Top Gear New Zealand. The first issue published by ACP will be May 2009, on sale Monday 27 April, 2009. TRIANGLE TELEVISION WELLINGTON CLOSES Triangle Television has closed down its Wellington community channel. The broadcaster continues to operate Triangle… Read More »

ACP closes weekly Auto Trader magazine

In an unfortunate press release, ACP has just announced the “repositioning” of Auto Trader — repositioning it in the Extinct category: ACP Media’s Trader Group today confirmed changes to the weekly Auto Trader magazine. Adrian Pickstock, General Manager of Trader Group, said, “Seven years ago, after studying international trends, we recognised the needs of our… Read More »

New Weekend Newspaper Magazine

Fairfax Media is launching a new magazine to be distributed with every weekend edition of its three largest daily newspapers, The Dominion Post, The Press and The Waikato Times. The new magazine will be launched in September and will be distributed weekly with approximately 240,000 newspapers. It will be produced by Fairfax Magazines, who are… Read More »

Another Day, Another Niche Magazine

For all those folk who, in the aftermath of Michael Cullen’s latest budget, cried out “forget the block of cheese, what we desperately need is another new magazine on which to splurge our newfound wealth” — relax, your wishes have been anticipated with the launch of NEW ZEALAND WOMEN’S HEALTH, a joint venture between Pacific… Read More »

New Mag: 1am

So there’s a new magazine set to launch next Monday, “from the visionary and creative force behind pavement magazine and wishuwereherexxx magazine.” Title of this new publication? 1am. Product category? Fashion. With due humility, the publishers describe the new arrival as: .. a new revolution once again set to reshape the cultural landscape,promising to excite,… Read More »