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Idea Worth Stealing: Pop-Up Store Network

Those fine folks at Springwise (an excellent resource for stealing ideas — get yourself on their newsletter mailing list) have pointed us in the direction of  “a nationwide network of pop-up marketing places”: BrandNew Stores aims to turn fleeting pop-up shops into a chain concept, creating fixed spaces where brands can temporarily present themselves in… Read More »

Online Video: Instant Marketing Success or Fast Failure?

Global ad agency giant Universal McCann recently described online video as this year’s digital darling. That’s all very well, but that doesn’t make online video easy. Jerry Bader of MRPwebmedia hit the nail on the head a few months back when he posed the question on LinkedIn: “Web video is quickly becoming the must-have content… Read More »

#Thisisit: Michael Jackson the brand, only for a limited time

We hardly need to tell you that “This Is It” The Michael Jackson Movie launched last night with simultaneous premieres in 16 cities across the globe, but only for a two-week season. Sony Pictures reportedly paid $60 million for the rights, and they’ve played every Ace in the Movie Marketing deck to ensure that they… Read More »

Vevo – what it really means for the music industry

Like music videos? Quite a few people do. Music videos and music-related content are easily YouTube’s most-popular single genre. TubeMogul did the numbers and concluded that the top five music labels alone control 64.52% of all of the views of YouTube’s top 50, and are the top five publishers of all time. Source:TubeMogul Now a… Read More »

Best Job In The World — The Morning After

We mentioned the Tourism Queensland promotion in our earlier article. The campaign continues to make news, although not always for the right reasons. On the positive side, the lucky applicant, Ben Southall was on Oprah last week. On the not-so-bright side, Australia’s Brisbane Times reports on the aftermath: The Best Job in the World marketing… Read More »

$200,000 Budget for your winning marketing idea

The City of Aspen and the Aspen Chamber Resort Association want YOUR marketing ideas for stimulating Aspen’s economy through special events and “outside of the box” approaches. And they’ve put aside $200,000 to make the winning idea happen. “A lot of people have some good ideas out there about how to attract visitors to Aspen,… Read More »

Cookie Johnson Jeans and the Power of Oprah

We’ve just come from Google Trends, in awe of the might of Oprah. Check out this graph. Cookie Johnson Jeans came from nowhere to hit the Number 1 Trending search term thanks to Ms Winfrey (CJ Jeans is currently in the #2 slot). Why? Because on her show today, Oprah said Cookie Johnson Jeans are… Read More »

Location, Location, Location — and Simplicity

Google Local Listing Ads, currently on beta-test in San Francisco and San Diego. It’s a really important new marketing concept, especially for small business and local retail. They’re flat rate, unlike most other Google ad offerings. This is a massive departure from Google — a whole new online marketing idea that removes the largest barrier for small business! The “science” required to master Google AdWords has been a game-killer for many entrepreneurs and business owners.

Charity Begins At Work

Want some free publicity? Donate your product or service to a Charity Auction (a live one, not an eBay event. That’s a topic for another day). Tremendous, you say. Now the 3 organisers and the 25 people actually at the auction know about your product. Well, guess what — your job doesn’t actually stop with… Read More »