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Latest Digital Marketing Trends 2014

Here’s a useful roundup of the state of digital marketing in 2014, drawn from a survey of more than 500 marketers about their top digital goals and challenges this year. In the video, you’ll discover: the top objectives of B2B and B2C marketers (and how they differ) where they plan to devote most of their… Read More »

iPublish or Perish?

Twice a year we get bombarded by an orchestrated litany of press releases, all proclaiming that Newspaper X or Magazine Y is better, faster, stronger or somehow more well-endowed than its competitors. Yes, the bi-annual announcement of results from the Nielsen National Readership Survey is cause for unrelenting excitement across the publishing spectrum. Every title… Read More »

New on the Tube: U (no, not that one)

Last night TVNZ went public (on the Six O’clock News, no less), with the name and flavour of its new youth-oriented channel — the one that’s replacing current non-commercial TVNZ 6. The name is U — not to be confused with You. Launch date: March 13, less than two months away. Demographic target: 15-24 It’s… Read More »

Coming Up: Our New Webcast Series

Every time we turn around, it seems there’s a new and irresistible gadget or some different business paradigm, especially online. Those geeks in their garages just won’t chill out watching telly and stop inventing for a while. We do our best to cover many of the key developments in this  blog and ournewsletter, but not… Read More »

What Course Next?

Now that the Social Media Marketing eCourse is well underway, we’re making plans for our next course. We have our own views on which topic to tackle next, but we’d love your help in deciding. Yes, we’re looking to tap into the wisdom of the crowd! Please take a few seconds to vote for the… Read More »

Social Media: Did You Really Mean To Do That?

In the 2010 Digital Outlook from the Society of Digital Agencies,  Steve Slivka, Co-Founder, Creative Director, and Patrick Berry, Co-Founder, Director of Tools and Methods, Colossal Squid, gave us The Top Ten Reasons Your Company Is Not Ready for Social Media. They’re too good not to repeat here. 10. You want to know everything about… Read More »