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Five Secrets of Successful Product Launches

The Nielsen Company, which knows a thing or two about product performance, provides useful insights in the latest NielsenWire into some of the key requirements needed to succeed in an ever-changing marketplace. The analysis is based on 500+ recent in-market cases globally. It has become increasingly challenging to bring new products to market. Over the… Read More »

The Internet is getting Heavier

According to Nielsen Media Research, Kiwis are spending more time on the internet. In 2006, New Zealanders 10+ spent an average of 287 minutes a week (4 hours 47 minutes) online at home. By 2007 that average had increased to 347 minutes; and in 2008 Kiwis were spending 364 minutes (6 hours 4 minutes) per… Read More »

Omega Rules and Delta Moments

Why do consumers buy the same brand of coffee and mayonnaise over and over again, but will often purchase different brands of cold cereal and chocolates? It’s hardly happenstance, according to a recent US study by The Nielsen Company. Nielsen’s study of shopper behaviour shows that consumers exhibit distinct shopping modes at the supermarket that… Read More »