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Fairfax and APN have both just released financial updates. The main points: Fairfax Media revenues for the second half of the July 2010-June 2011 financial year (measured on an as reported basis) are currently 4.5% lower than last year While the rate of decline in advertising levels has abated slightly over the past month, Fairfax… Read More »

NBR Archive Now Heading Online

Chris Keall of NBR announced this morning on the NBR 24/7 website that: starting this week, print stories from NBR are being put on [the NBR] website on a one-week delay (and behind the paywall). Formerly, online and print have run completely different content. NBR 24/7 will continue to have the same level of content… Read More »

The Trade Me Top Ten for 2009

It’s the time of year that many of us make lists (as does Santa, so behave!).  Trade Me has made its own list, of the Top Ten auction listings of 2009 (defined in terms of total pageviews). Leading the way: the scary washing machine, which attracted a staggering 806,220 pageviews and a final bid of… Read More »

NBR Battles Against The Tide

The National Business Review (NBR), well used to looking at a variety of business models, is now trying out a new one of its own: a new paid online Subscriber Only Content service to augment its regular news service. NBR will be offering an introductory subscription rate for access to this exclusive content for $89… Read More »

The Warehouse finally starts selling online

The Warehouse’s ecommerce site finally went live on Friday. According to The Warehouse’s CEO, Ian Morrice Kiwis “can start enjoying great bargains from The Warehouse on-line, as well as in-store.” The company “believes the time is right for this new channel offering.” Trade Me, Air New Zealand, Dick Smiths, 1-Day and many other successful Kiwi… Read More »

Finally!! TVNZ and Disney Offer US TV Series Online

Finally! Finally! Finally! Disney-ABC International Television (Asia Pacific), and TVNZ, have announced a landmark agreement to make a selection of ad-supported U.S. network series available on TVNZ’s catch up TV service, ‘TVNZ ondemand’. These series will be available to viewers on-demand and free of charge just 12 hours after the local telecast on TV2. This… Read More »