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Top 5 Radio AdSpend Categories September 2009

Month on month comparison of reported radio advertising expenditure August/September 2009 (August positions noted in brackets). Leisure, Entertainment (no change from previous month) Retail (up from 3) Government Departments, Services & Community (down from 2) Investment, Finance, Banking (up from 7) Foodstuffs (no change)

Mashable/Socialised Radio? Is this the future of the medium?

You may have noticed that radio — the good old-fashioned AM/FM type, not the fancy digital or satellite offerings — has been having a rough old time of it since the invention of the iPod by Al Gore. Seems that those pesky consumers have preferred roll-your-own music to that pre-digested by programmers in Milwaukee or… Read More »

Deloitte Shock Horror Statistics: $35 Million In Radio Airtime Wasted

Deloitte was quoted last week by South Africa’s as reporting that “an average of 9% of all radio ads booked [on South African radio] are not broadcast as scheduled. Based on an estimated spend of R3 billion on radio advertising in 2008, this error equates to R270 million [USD $35.6 million] erosion of ad… Read More »

New Radio Station for Christchurch

Christchurch’s “first new commercial radio station for 18 years” is set to launch this Saturday, April 18. The new station, Pulzar FM, actually began life in 1999 as a low power dance music radio station broadcasting to the inner city. Now the station, currently staffed by volunteers and owned by three Christchurch DJs , is… Read More »

The Future of Radio

The UK regulatory body Ofcom (Office of Communications) has been taking an 184-page look at the future of radio in the United Kingdom – and specifically “The future of FM and AM services and the alignment of analogue and digital regulation.” The study opens with some interesting thoughts which tend to echo David Kirk’s comments… Read More »