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What Would You Most Like To Learn About in 2014?

Which online marketing topics would YOU most like to learn about in 2014? Please choose from the topics below (in our simple, two-question survey) or add in your own. Once you’ve completed the survey, please click on the “Done” button and then read on below. NB: We already provide online training courses in various aspects… Read More »

NZ Internet Usage 2013

The biannual World Internet Project (WIP) has just released its 2013 report for New Zealand (conducted in July-September 2013). 2,006 respondents were interviewed, by phone and Internet, and the results compiled and published by the Institute of Culture, Discourse & Communication, AUT University. The researchers have dug deeper than ever with this year’s data, and… Read More »

The Long Tail of New Zealand Facebook Pages

As we mentioned in one of our January newsletters, we’ve been steadily crunching our way through thousands of New Zealand Facebook pages (6,251 of them at last count) in our efforts to map the Kiwi social sphere. We’ll be turning our efforts into a Social Trends Report which will be on offer in due course,… Read More »

Why Consumers Buy

The casual observer wandering through our shopping malls — or even just watching an evening’s television or leafing through retail catalogues — would be forgiven for concluding that price is the only thing that consumers care about. “Up to 50% off”, “If you can find a lower price we’ll eat it”, “Save! Save! Save!” The… Read More »

New Stats Tool for Small Business

This morning Statistics New Zealand released Business Toolbox, a suite of online tools that provides quick and easy access to information for businesses. Business Toolbox contains two online tools: Market Mapper, which can be used to find target markets and potential customers;  and Industry Profiler, which provides details on industry performance over time, staff turnover,… Read More »

A Lack of Trust

Perceptive Research recently revealed the results of its latest Attitude New Zealand survey, conducted November 2009; and they don’t always make for comforting reading. For example, we find that more than a third of New Zealanders (37%) couldn’t name a business they trust. Even for those who did find some organisation to trust, the numbers… Read More »