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The Sky/Vodafone Merger

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the news, here are the specifics: Earlier this month, Sky Network TV announced its plan to buy Vodafone New Zealand for $3.44 billion in cash and shares in a reverse takeover which would see Vodafone’s British parent group own 51 per cent of the combined group’s shares.… Read More »

The Digital Olympics

London 2012 — it’s been dubbed the Digital Olympics, in part because (according to 101 Media): viewers can follow the events through their choice of device. According to survey results released in July by 46 percent of viewers will watch on laptops, 39 percent on desktops, 31 percent on tablets, and 27 percent on… Read More »

Sky Tests Online Streaming

That internet thingy keeps popping up. Sky will again be dipping its toes in the virtual ocean (after conspicuously switching off its Sky Online internet replay service on August 1st). This time, however, Sky will be offering something new: live streaming. Sky has a commitment to stream the Prime Free-To-Air feed of next February’s Winter… Read More »