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The Sky/Vodafone Merger

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the news, here are the specifics: Earlier this month, Sky Network TV announced its plan to buy Vodafone New Zealand for $3.44 billion in cash and shares in a reverse takeover which would see Vodafone’s British parent group own 51 per cent of the combined group’s shares.… Read More »

The Changing Face of Television

It’s that time of year when Kiwi broadcasters announce their new seasons, complete with high-energy showreels crammed full with the expected highlights for 2014. To see what TVNZ has in store for us next year, head to Here’s TV3’s new season lineup: In many ways, television hasn’t changed much in the last couple… Read More »

The Digital Olympics

London 2012 — it’s been dubbed the Digital Olympics, in part because (according to 101 Media): viewers can follow the events through their choice of device. According to survey results released in July by 46 percent of viewers will watch on laptops, 39 percent on desktops, 31 percent on tablets, and 27 percent on… Read More »

The New U.S. TV Season

It’s that time of year when the American networks unveil their new shows for the upcoming season (usually starting in September). Because you’re worth it, we’ve agonisingly worked our way through the various network schedules and identified the hits and misses that are likely to be hitting our screens in due course. Here’s a sneak… Read More »

A Right Royal Do

It was, by all accounts, quite a shindig. William and Kate got themselves successfully hitched while a thousand news anchors chitchatted their way through the proceedings. The numbers were suitably royal as well. We counted eight channels available in New Zealand (at least to Sky-watchers) … if you were a truly-committed monarchist you should have… Read More »

TVNZ finally, finally breaks out of its shackles

There must have been some serious celebrations in the Executive Suite at TVNZ when the pubcaster got the go-ahead from its shareholders (New Zealand Incorporated, AKA The Government) to launch its first pay television channel, Heartland (launching on the Sky platform in June). To put the channel launch into its proper perspective, we need to… Read More »

Lost: The Final Season

It’s hard to believe we’re entering the sixth season of Lost. Have we really been through five years of metaphysical misdirection already? We asked our online research panel what they thought of the final season of Lost. Here’s the skinny: 8.3% So Hot 3.9% Can’t Wait 3.1% Always on my List 6.9% Just OK 21.7%… Read More »

TiVo and Telecom’s Expectations

As Chris Keall reported in NBR Online on Friday: At Telecom’s quarterly result briefing this morning, Telecom Retail chief executive Alan Gourdie told NBR that sales of TiVo boxes so far have been “modest”. “We set some quite high targets for Christmas that we didn’t achieve,” said Mr Gourdie. The surprise in that report is… Read More »

Will the iPad Reinvent Television?

From the Wall Street Journal: Apple Inc. is [reportedly] in discussions with television networks to lower the price of downloaded TV shows when the company begins selling its new iPad tablet computer. Apple has already been testing a price of 99 cents—half the price of standard-definition TV episodes—for certain shows on its iTunes service and… Read More »