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New Course: Advanced Social Media Marketing

Because Social Media never stands still, we’ve developed a brand new course that has as its focus the very latest developments in the medium. This course is designed for those who already have a solid understanding of Social Media Marketing and wish to keep themselves as up-to-date as possible. The course content is reviewed monthly… Read More »

Using Twitter To Keep In Touch

Full marks to British cartoonists Peattie and Taylor, who regularly take breaks from producing their compelling caustic commentary on the U.K. financial system (aka The Alex Cartoon). Why the bouquet? Because — whilst Peattie and Taylor normally post single frames on the Alex website announcing that their creations are having a break — this time… Read More »

Another Day, Another Twitter Coup

The other big news story of the week (no, nothing to do with Rodney and Dr Don or any local politics) was of course the death of America’s Most Wanted Terrorist. It seems that social media was responsible — if not for the actual attack, then for its live tweeting across the cybersphere. Sohaib Athar… Read More »

Socialising Healthcare (in a media sort of way)

Healthcare marketers (especially in the US, but here as well) have struggled to adapt to new generation online marketing tools such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs and websites, in the absence of regulatory guidelines for marketing in the new media space. Exactly how do you provide the usual slab of “prescribing information” (often hundreds of words… Read More »