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Google Wave Invite: Received Yours Yet?

Has geekdom come down to this — that we’re defined (or demeaned) by the presence or absence of an invite to participate in a software release? Thus has it always been with Google. Were you one of The Chosen Ones who received an early GMail invitation? No? Allow us to sneer, from our privileged position… Read More »

Marketers Behaving Badly

You’re at a party. The music is great – just your vintage – and you’re catching up with friends you haven’t seen for ages. All in all, you’re having a great time. A group of you are chattering away (in the kitchen, naturally) when someone you don’t know sidles over. He interrupts a fascinating line… Read More »

Friends and Family Ties

What most influences women’s buying decisions? Ads? Celebrities? A mention in the media? You probably won’t be too surprised to learn that family and friends prove the most significant shopping influencers, according to a survey by global public relations firm practitioners Ketchum. Ninety-one percent of women surveyed say friends and family give “very” or “somewhat”… Read More »

Ethics In Marketing: Do Ask, Do Tell

The Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) last week released the WOMMA Ethics Assessment Tool. Its purpose: to help marketers identify and eliminate unethical word of mouth marketing tactics before it’s too late. Modeled on the WOMMA Ethics guidelines of honesty of relationship, opinion, and identity, the Ethics Tool guides marketers through the questions they… Read More »