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The Changing Face of Television

It’s that time of year when Kiwi broadcasters announce their new seasons, complete with high-energy showreels crammed full with the expected highlights for 2014. To see what TVNZ has in store for us next year, head to Here’s TV3’s new season lineup: In many ways, television hasn’t changed much in the last couple… Read More »

New Course: Advanced Social Media Marketing

Because Social Media never stands still, we’ve developed a brand new course that has as its focus the very latest developments in the medium. This course is designed for those who already have a solid understanding of Social Media Marketing and wish to keep themselves as up-to-date as possible. The course content is reviewed monthly… Read More »

New: Promoting Your Videos on YouTube

Last week YouTube introduced a new service in New Zealand, enabling Kiwi advertisers to promote their videos. The offering is very similar to the AdWords model – advertisers bid on keywords and their videos are displayed at the top and on the right of natural search results. The new service – which has been available… Read More »

NZ Election Debate ’08: First Round

The brave experiment that was as billed as the first ONE News YouTube Election Debate was watched last night by a third of all those over 5 watching television at the time, which put the programme on a par with last night’s edition of ONE NETWORK NEWS. As always, however, the overall average hides significant variations by age group. Here’s the average programme… Read More »