New Facebook Lead Ads Solve A Massive Mobile Marketing Problem

By | October 19, 2015


It won’t have escaped your attention that Facebook has been putting an immense amount of effort into encouraging marketers to place advertising on its platform.

The biggest challenge in recent times has been that Facebook is now predominantly based on mobile devices — by July 2015, 88% of Facebook’s 1.49 billion monthly active users were accessing the network via mobile.

That, in turn, has major implications for advertisers:

  • If you’re sending someone who clicks on a Facebook ad to a website, is it fully mobile-responsive?
  • If you require someone to sign up or otherwise fill in a form, you could be asking for trouble: most mobile forms take 38.5% longer to fill in than desktop versions, according to Facebook research

Form-filling on mobile devices is a major problem. According to Margot Vaughan, SVP of managed services at MasterCard, up to 99% of forms initiated on mobile devices are not completed.

Fortunately, the latest Facebook offering, Lead Ads, is here to help.

We’ll let Buffer Social show you how this all works:

First, someone in our targeted audience sees the ad. It looks very much like an everyday Facebook advertisement.

Facebook Lead Ads

But check out that sweet “Sign up” button! If someone’s interested in taking this course, here’s what happens when they click on that button:

Facebook Lead Ads - Permission

Facebook automatically fills in the person’s email address from their Facebook profile! Our friend Marcus didn’t have to leave Facebook or even type in his email address for anything: all he has to do is tap “Submit” at the bottom.

And when he does . . . BOOM! He’s all signed up, just like that.

Facebook Lead Ads - Success

Learn More About Facebook Lead Ads

If you’d like to learn a whole lot more about Lead Ads, including:

  • how Lead Ads can dramatically improve your Facebook marketing results
  • how Lead Ads can capture the right information without decreasing response rates
  • how Lead Ads can save you a whole lot of time and effort
  • step by step, how to create Lead Ads
  • how to integrate Lead Ads into your CRM
  • how much information you should actually request from respondents
  • what information is commonly available within Lead Ads
  • which demographics are specifically excluded from Lead Ads

All this new information about Lead Ads is now available: