Our Newest Course: Social Media Refresher 2016

By | May 2, 2016

Social Media Refresher Course 2016

Social media is an ever-changing environment and unless you’re involved on a day to day basis you’re unlikely to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the medium. So we’ve devised this social media marketing refresher course to capture the latest developments across the expanding world of social media.

Here’s what the course covers:

Lesson One: Latest Social Media Updates

In Lesson One, we cover what’s new, what’s different and what’s important in the major social media networks – and Facebook in particular. The networks are constantly hard at work developing and evolving their offerings. Here’s where you’ll find out what’s fresh, what’s tired and what’s expired.

In this lesson, we talk about:

  • the massive impact of Facebook video and how organisations are optimising video creative for the social experience
  • native advertising and its growing importance in social in a mobile, ad-blocking world
  • Facebook newsfeed content streams, instant articles and branded content and their implications for marketers
  • how consumers have stopped talking to each other so much on Facebook, and how the social giant is responding
  • the new need for advertising verification services
  • what works (and what doesn’t) in today’s social networks
  • the push to minimise clickbait (“you won’t believe what these social networks are doing to spoil your fun!”)
  • absent friends – functionalities that are no longer available and what you’ll need to do instead

Lesson Two: Messaging: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, QQ, WeChat, Line, Viber

As the mobile phone becomes the dominant communications mechanism, more and more consumers are connecting with each other through one or more specialist messaging applications. Now the top four messaging apps attract more eyeballs than the top four social networking apps. So what are the implications of consumers’ move to what’s become known as “Dark Social”?

In Lesson Two, you’ll learn about:

  • The leading messaging contenders
  • how many people are using each app
  • Snapchat’s geofilters and their benefits for businesses
  • customer service and messaging: natural partners
  • how marketers are already using messaging services to advertise themselves to their audiences
  • what chatbots are and how AI just might reinvent messaging and customer service

Lesson Three: Live Video with Facebook Live, Periscope, Meerkat, Blab, YouTube

Live video has come from nowhere to represent a major development in social media. In Lesson Three we examine the key providers of live video services and show you how you can determine whether live video will meet your promotional needs.

We also cover:

  • Facebook’s new Live Video API (so that more and more devices can send live feeds to Facebook)
  • The surprising benefits of using live video within Facebook groups
  • what you should and shouldn’t do with live video
  • how marketers have already been using live video (examples and inspirations)
  • What YouTube is doing in response
  • Should you choose landscape or portrait mode for your videos?

Lesson Four: Pictures: Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Images continue to be a vital part of the social Web. In Lesson Four, find out what you need to know about the leading players, including:

  • How leading brands are winning with the image-based networks
  • how you can make the most of rich pins on Pinterest
  • how to use Instagram to its full potential
  • smart content strategies across the image-based networks

Lesson Five: Social Media Advertising

As the social networks limit organic reach — the numbers of your followers who might see your social media posts — organisations have turned to advertising to communicate their messages. In this lesson we examine how to make the most of your advertising options across various social media networks — and how to really take advantage of the enhanced targeting opportunities that social media provides.

We also explore:

  • how to take best advantage of Carousel Ads, Lead Ads and other Facebook and Instagram options
  • Facebook’s Canvas, full-screen mobile ad experience
  • using Calls to Action more effectively
  • how leading advertisers are using social media
  • using your existing customer and prospect lists to develop custom audiences

Lesson Six: Community Management and Influencer Marketing

Great! You have an enthusiastic following on your chosen social network. But how do you engage effectively with these followers? And how do you reach out to influencers — those who have significant communities of their own?

In Lesson Six we explore strategies, techniques and best practice, including:

  • taking full advantage of Facebook and LinkedIn Groups
  • Influencer marketing strategies that work
  • the vital importance of customer service through social media
  • tips and wisdom from leading community managers
  • foibles and failures to avoid

Lesson Seven: Tools, Tips, Twitter & LinkedIn

Finally, we take a look at the latest tools that will help you manage your social media needs effectively. We also share the latest updates on Twitter and LinkedIn, including the marketing implications of Microsoft’s US$26.2 Billion purchase of the business social network.

In Lesson Seven, you’ll learn:

  • what you can and should measure as you use social media to market your products and services
  • the top tools recommended by leading social media experts
  • smart strategies for best engagement with your followers
  • new social media trends to watch for


Any marketer, business owner or executive who is already familiar with the principles and practice of Social Media Marketing but needs an update on the latest developments in the medium.



This course begins on Wednesday June 29.



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