How Google Customer Match Can Revolutionise Your Marketing

Customer Match represents the biggest change to Google AdWords in a decade — and (if you make full use of Customer Match) it will totally revolutionise the way that you remarket to your customers and how you find hot new prospects. Customer Match is reshaping Search Engine Marketing, eCommerce and Multichannel Marketing, all at the… Read More »

Where’s the Marketing Money Going in 2016?

Where’s the marketing budget getting spent in 2016? More dollars than ever are going into digital marketing, according to the latest (February 2015) CMO Survey, conducted by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and just released this week (Ad Age). Spending on digital marketing is expected to increase 12.2% over the next year, with some… Read More »

NZ Facebook Marketing: June 2015 Update

There’s been a lot of talk — and, frankly, a fair amount of doom and gloom — about marketing on Facebook in 2015. The most significant development in that sphere came from Facebook itself, which announced late last year that from January 2015 self-promotional posts on Facebook pages would no longer be shown to Facebook… Read More »

Google Wants Your Websites To Be Mobile-Friendly – NOW!

Google has been warning the business community for months that websites now need to be mobile-friendly. TODAY, it’s crunch time. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, expect it to be demoted in search results on smartphones from today, April 21, as Google rolls out its latest algorithm update. The new algorithm will give priority to mobile-friendly… Read More »

Latest Digital Marketing Trends 2014

Here’s a useful roundup of the state of digital marketing in 2014, drawn from a survey of more than 500 marketers about their top digital goals and challenges this year. In the video, you’ll discover: the top objectives of B2B and B2C marketers (and how they differ) where they plan to devote most of their… Read More »

51 Cool Marketing Advertising Ideas

It’s always useful to take inspiration from the way that other brands are marketing their products. Here’s a video sampling of 51 interesting advertising and marketing ideas.

Is 2014 The Year Of The NZ Newspaper Paywall?

Is 2014 the year when the leading New Zealand newspaper websites (i.e. and put up paywalls and begin charging Kiwis for access to content? Those in the know seem to think so: In a May 2013 NZ Herald column, APN New Zealand chief marketing officer Kursten Shalfoon predicted 2014 would be “the year… Read More »

What Would You Most Like To Learn About in 2014?

Which online marketing topics would YOU most like to learn about in 2014? Please choose from the topics below (in our simple, two-question survey) or add in your own. Once you’ve completed the survey, please click on the “Done” button and then read on below. NB: We already provide online training courses in various aspects… Read More »

Why Social Media Marketing Really Matters For Kiwi Businesses In 2014

If you haven’t already mastered Social Media Marketing, you’re missing out on a vital weapon in your marketing arsenal. Not yet convinced? Check out these key statistics which show why you should be marketing in Social Media in 2014: 90% of Kiwis between 18 and 39 now use social media (Colmar Brunton research, July 2013)… Read More »